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What to look for in an LMS
AbcanView Technologies LMS help’s education institutions and organizations fulfill their e-Learning needs. We recognize the LMS systems should be simple and easy to use, and the user experience should be simple to use, and designed for rapid adoption for all of your devices. We make sure that AbcanView LMS software features have flexible features such as adding categories, courses, learning paths, automate common tasks, assessment feedback as well as providing in-depth end user training of the LMS software features.

Accessible by anyone anywhere
We make sure that whether your students and staff are in class, at home or on the bus; using a laptop or smartphone, the best LMS platforms should work anytime, anywhere – AbcanView LMS fulfills these needs.

Plays well with others
What takes a learning management system become a learning management platform is the ability for you to continue to use the LMS tools you love with support for single sign-on and built-in integrations into tools like Tincan/ API, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM and over hundreds of Integration services.

Provides personalized learning
Our LMS adapts to the way you teach, and the way your students or employees learn. The Course content you upload to AbcanView LMS and its easy delivery will help your users adapt to individual needs based on what a learner does – or doesn’t do – using automated methods to personalize learning by running reports and finding out the progress of your learners. This helps you save time if you wish to provide customized support to your learners.

Offers interactive learning
Our LMS software helps provide an interactive learning environment making sure that learners work towards a set goal. A risk-free setting encourages experimentation by letting them choose their own actions. They can proceed at their own pace and get immediate feedback about their progress.

Creates a collaborative environment
Our LMS helps your build’s a culture of engagement and social assessment as your learners are engaged with the AbcanView LMS software. You can use videos to promote interactive employee and student improvement, and online forums to encourage communication and collaboration. Online discussion forums and digital portfolio functionality promote social learning and encourage employees and students to share and collaborate.

Makes it easy to provide meaningful feedback
Giving learners feedback can be a driver to improving outcomes. Providing feedback with rubrics can lead to deeper learning, resulting in higher achievements. Our LMS will help your learners to focus on their efforts and produce a higher quality of work – while knowing that the assessment is going to be fair and transparent. Instructors may also want to leave contextual inline feedback, providing specific feedback that is relevant to learners.

Secure and reliable
Your information is important to you, and it should be protected with the highest levels of security possible. And when that paper is due, students should be confident that they can submit their work through the AbcanView LMS software providing high levels of uptime.

Analytics that can help you make decisions
The AbcanView LMS software when fully implemented in your environment will not only facilitate learning and development for your learners, but also report on progress and identify students that might need more help. Empowering evidence-based decision making with intuitive learning analytics reports.

Expect a partner in innovation
AbcanView LMS software will help you deliver results on learning outcomes and strategic objectives your institution or organization. That means you need a partner to collaborate with you day-to-day to help you plan, measure and achieve those results.  You’ll want a relationship that goes past the initial implementation stage and provide everyone with the support and resources that they need so they can re-imagine their own capacities and focus on growth in the areas that matter the most, teaching and learning.

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